Angela Wolff
Age 25
Gender Female
Hometown Metter, GA
Seasons 1
Chair Turns 0, 1
Coach Adam
Position Battle Rounds

Angela Wolff was a contestant on the first season of The Voice. She was originally eliminated in the Blind Auditions, but was selected to return to the Second Chance Round. She was part of Team Adam, and was eliminated for good in the Battle Rounds.

Blind AuditionEdit

For Angela's Blind Audition, she sang "The House That Built Me". None of the coaches turned around, eliminating her from the competition.

Second Chance RoundEdit

For Angela's Second Chance audition, she sang "Rolling in the Deep". Adam Levine turned around (all the other teams were full), putting Angela on Team Adam.

Battle RoundsEdit

In the Battle Rounds, Angela was paired against Javier Colon. They sang "Stand By Me". Adam chose Javier as the winner, eliminating Angela from the competition.