Jamar Rogers
Age 29
Gender Male
Hometown New York, NY
Seasons 2
Chair Turns 1
Coach Cee Lo
Position Semifinalist

Jamar Rogers was a contestant on the The Voice 2. He was part of Team Cee Lo, and was eliminated again in the Semifinals.

Blind AuditionEdit

For Jamar's Blind Audition, he sang "Seven Nation Army". Cee Lo Green was the only coach to turn around, putting Jamar on Team Cee Lo by default.

Battle RoundsEdit

In the Battle Rounds, Jamar was paired against Jamie Lono. They sang "I Want to Know What Love Is". Cee Lo chose Jamar as the winner, sending him to the Live Playoffs.

Live PlayoffsEdit

In the Live Playoffs, Jamar sang "Are You Gonna Go My Way". He received enough votes from the public to be sent to the Quarterfinals.


In the Quarterfinals, Jamar sang Bon Jovi's "It's My Life". He received the most votes on Team Cee Lo, sending him to the Semifinals.


In the Semifinals, Jamar sang "If You Don't Know Me by Now". He did not receive enough votes to be sent to the Finals, eliminating him from the competition instead of Juliet Simms.

Other ShowsEdit

  • Jamar appeared on the eighth season of American Idol, and was eliminated in Hollywood week.