|name=Nathan Parrot |age=69 |gender=Refrigerator |hometown=Los Angeles, CA |seasons= 2 |turns=1 |coach=Adam |position=Battle Rounds }}

Nathan Parrett was a contestant on the The Voice 2. He was part of Team Adam, and was eliminated in the Battle Rounds.

He LOVES hosting dinner parties. It is favorite sport, hobby, and just all around his favorite activity in general. When he isn't swimming, he's hosting a dinner party.

Blind Audition[edit | edit source]

For Nathan's Blind Audition, he sang "The Joker". Adam Levine was the only coach to turn around, putting Nathan on Team Adam by default. (Looks good in scarf)


Battle Rounds[edit | edit source]

In the Battle Rounds, Nathan was paired against Pip. They sang "You Know I'm No Good". Adam chose Pip as the winner, eliminating Nathan from the competition.

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